These terms and conditions are applicable to any remote sales contract concluded on and between:

  • Firstly, “La Cité du matelas Liquidation center & Mattress City Plus,”
  • AND Secondly, a “consumer,” that is any physical person who acquires or uses – for purposes excluding professional use – one or several product(s) available on the market. Any other contracting party that cannot be considered as a “consumer” will be subject to the usual general terms of sale.

In the context of these conditions, it is meant by:

  • “online sale”: any contract concerning goods or services concluded between a company and a consumer in the context of a remote sales system for goods or services operated by the company that, for this contract, makes exclusive use of one or several remote communication technique(s) for the conclusion of the contract, including the conclusion of the contract in itself;
  • “goods”: tangible and movable assets;
  • “products”: goods and services, immovable assets, rights and obligations;
  • “company”: any natural or legal person, including its associations, pursuing an economic goal in a sustained manner;
  • “remote communication technique”: any method that can be used to conclude a contract between the company and the consumer without the simultaneous physical presence of both parties.

Sale terms and conditions

  1. This sale is payable in cash or by debit card, credit card, Interac e-Transfer or Accord D financing. If a balance is left unpaid at the time of the delivery, this balance will have to be paid off in cash. If the buyer fails to respect these terms of payment in their entirety, he or she acknowledges that it is La Cité du matelas Liquidation center & Mattress City Plus’s right to refuse to deliver the goods.
  2. The customer must make a down payment of 25% of the order’s total for any purchase or special order. The order can be set aside for a maximum of 60 days. However, if you decide to make a deposit and later change your mind, please be aware that YOUR DEPOSIT OR DOWN PAYMENT CANNOT BE REFUNDED unless a prior written agreement has been issued.
  3. La Cité du matelas Liquidation center  & Mattress City Plus cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of goods ordered online or in store. The buyer acknowledges in advance that only the manufacturer can be held responsible if a normally foreseeable delay happens.
  4. The customer accepts that the promotions taking place at the time of purchase are the only ones applicable towards said purchase. Promotions cannot be combined with any other offer.
  5. In the case of the sale of goods needing to be assembled or installed, the buyer acknowledges that the selling price does not include such assembly or installation.
  6. The buyer acknowledges that he or she is responsible for taking measures and accounting for the exact dimensions of the goods he or she intends to buy, and that La Cité du matelas Liquidation center & Mattress City Plus is not accountable for any mistake in measurement.

Return policy

All sales are final due to the fact that they are not offered at full price, unless stated otherwise by the store.

We hope that you will be happy with your purchase. However, if an exchange or refund is required, please be aware that:

No cancellation, exchange or refund of goods will be accepted. However, if an agreement is made between the buyer and La Cité du matelas Liquidation center & Mattress City Plus, the latter reserves the right to claim from the buyer a sum equivalent to the damage done.

The original receipt is required for any return or exchange.

For hygiene reasons, no refund or exchange will be made on bedding, including mattress covers, pillows and pillowcases.

If the consumer asks for the cancellation of this sales contract prior to the established date of delivery or pick-up, a penalty equivalent to 25% of the total amount of this sales contract will be charged as damage compensation.

La Cité du matelas Liquidation center & Mattress City Plus will not pay for the transportation fees of any returned article, unless a prior agreement has been made.

We do not offer a comfort guarantee due to the competitive pricing of our offers.

Warranty policy

The goods described on the front of this page are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty (art. 34 to 54 L.P.C.). The latter reserves the right to replace or repair damaged goods, depending on the most favourable option.

All mattresses sold as demonstrators cannot be exchanged, unless a 90-days warranty has been offered upon purchase.

All mattresses and furniture with imperfections are final sales and sold without warranty.

Other ranges of mattresses, metal bases and furniture are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is honoured by the manufacturer with our help and support.

For more information on the manufacturer’s warranty, see in store.

If a mattress is under warranty and the manufacturer has recognized the claim, we have up to 45 business days to proceed with the exchange or repair.

Transportation fees apply.

Delivery terms

We ask that you facilitate the access for deliverers during delivery in order to avoid damage. Otherwise, La Cité du matelas Liquidation center  & Mattress City Plus cannot be held responsible in the event of any kind of legal prosecution. Furthermore, no form of compensation – be it material, financial or other – will be offered.

Minimum transportation fees of $50 apply if the customer is absent at the time of delivery that has been initially established.

If you find damage of any kind while unpacking your order, please call our store within 48 hours following the reception of your goods.

Please note that transportation fees are not covered.

The buyer acknowledges having read this contract and the terms and conditions hereby mentioned before adding his signature and the date. He or she acknowledges having received a copy of this contract. A French version of this document is also available.