How to try the mattress while you shop?

When you try a mattress, never press hard with your hand or knee. When you are lying, your weight is distributed and will never be as high, and therefore you will never see what the actual mattress firmness is.

When shopping, a lot of people try the mattress lying on their back. However, most people sleep on their side. Therefore it is important to try a mattress on your side because our weight is different and the contact points are not the same.

Did you know that most spring and foam mattress are no longer turnable?

This means that you buy half a mattress and that the lasting time will be much shorter.

Did you know that for most mattress sold in stores, the density of product padding is not listed on the mattress or on your invoice?

This means that you are buying without knowing the quality index.

Did you know that are over stuffed in order to influence the thickness and comfort and are made with polyester fiber and a very low density foam?

This means that the surface of the mattress will quickly lose its shape and it will be said that it is normal that the body imprints.

Did you know that the mattress warranties the manufacturers gives you are misleading?

Many people imagine that by signing a ten-year warranty on their invoice, the mattress will last ten years. it's not really the case. to determine an approximate longevity, you need to know the density of the padding, versus the weight of the consumer. Often, warranties apply after 1.5 inch of digging, when the mattress does not have any stains and the boxspring was purchased simultaneously, etc.